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Book review : Gabriel's Inferno

I love to read, although I don't do it as much as I would like to. When Coach is only home a few hours a week, it's more important to me to spend my time with him rather than read or watch my shows. That's what DVR is for! And since Coach isn't in season right now, we enjoy some of our time doing the things we each like!

I finished Gabriel's Inferno yesterday and I'm still trying to decide if I liked it or not. I found it on several bestseller lists and was intrigued by the reviews it had received. I never got into the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing, mostly because it was so poorly written. Many said it was a less explicit, better written 50 Shades. And it was written by a man. Half Price Book had a huge sale last week so I bought both book 1 & 2 of the Gabriel series. Not sure if that was a good decision or not yet..

I really want to like this book. It was pretty well written, despite several instances where Reynard repeats himself, and it circles around Dant…

80 Degree Christmas Eve and a White Christmas Day

You know what they say about Texas weather? If you don't like it, wait a minute -it'll change. And did it change!!! Christmas Eve, we were in Houston with my family and it was an amazing 80 degrees and sunny. Now, I know this isn't every one's preference when it comes to Christmas weather, but it sure as heck is mine! We were sitting outside, playing cards and hanging out. The picture below is my brother tanning by the pool.

This literally was taken Monday, on Christmas Eve. When you scroll down and see the other pictures from the next day, you aren't going to believe that this was just 24 hours earlier.  Coach and I woke up early Christmas day and made our drive to Frisco to spend Christmas day with his family. I really think this was the first Christmas we've actually gotten to have on Christmas day, since Coach's brother is usually in bowl game. While we were driving in, we hit a MASSIVE thunderstorm. I mean, can't see through the windshield, hydropla…

Since the world ends in 2 days...

**Disclaimer- this post is meant to be funny. Please don't think that this is in any way serious or take it out of context.

Matthew 24:36 "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."
~ So people are losing their mind, like they did with the Rapture, Y2K, and I'm sure a million times before, about the world ending. This has got my mind racing about all the questions that I have yet to answer in my short lifetime!! Get ready, this is a glimpse into my mind, well more so what Coach has to deal with on a daily basis.

When we are 80, will oldies be the oldies we knew as 'oldies' or will it be like Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga and Chris Brown? I'm fine with either as long as it's less Chris Brown and Lady Gaga and more BSB!

How will people dance 30 years from now? Dance evolution has gone from 3 foot rule (leave room for Jesus!) to basically, well.. you know. I hope it goes to strictly robot dance moves.…

Christmas Questionnaire

A sweet friend of mine posted this on her blog and I thought it was too fun, so here goes! Feel free to share on your blog too!!

1.) As of right now, how many sleeps until Christmas?
2.) What is number one on your wish list? Number one for me is that I actually surprise Coach with someone he wants. He ALWAYS figures out what I got him and it would make my Christmas to actually surprise him for once. For me though, I would love a new set of golf clubs since mine got stolen :/
3.) How do you get in the holiday spirit? Driving around, looking at Christmas lights with Coach and Bobo, and going by the house in Frisco in particular. It's amazing! Check out this video if you can't go by it in person.
4.) What goes on on Christmas Eve at your house? We actually do the whole shebang on Christmas Eve. We open all of our Christmas gifts, listen to Christmas music, and have our big Christmas dinner. Growing up, we would open all of our family gifts and then Christmas morning open our Santa …

Last night...

I had a really awesome (in the truest of true meaning) dream last night that I'm finding strikingly moving, although I'm not totally sure why as of yet. I decided I needed to write it down, even if I decide never to publish it. I need it for me. Last night, I was exhausted! It was 9:45 and I had decided to crash. Coach was playing video games with his brother and hadn't come to bed yet. As I sat there, I found myself praying and apologizing to God that it had been over a week since I had last consciously done so. I said my little prayer, Coach came in, we watched our nightly episode of King of the Hill and both fell asleep. I tossed and turned all night. Worried I would oversleep. Hoping I would wake up to the streets covered in snow so I could work from home today. Nervous that something would go outrageously wrong with the house. Anxious about my Fantasy Football team (at this point, with my 4-9 record, this shouldn't even be a worry). Excited for Texans Monday Night …

Ma's Turkey Soup

Our family typically does two turkeys a year. One at Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Both deep fried, obviously-there's no other way to eat a turkey. Most families eat left over turkey sandwiches or just reheat the same meal they ate a few hours earlier. My family eats turkey soup. My dad, who makes the world's best fried turkey, would agree that the best part about frying a turkey is the soup ma makes with the leftovers. Today, I decided I wanted to share that recipe with the world. You're welcome.

Coach has been feeling a little under the weather all week, and actually left work yesterday because he was feeling so terrible. Luckily, I was craving Festival Style turkey legs for dinner so I had already taken them out of the freezer! After Coach said he was feeling sick, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make Mom's soup! I used the amazing Pioneer Woman's recipe for turkey legs found here. This is where I didn't exactly follow mom's recipe, si…

It's Christmas Time in Texas! HELP!

Which means it's a freezing 60 degrees outside. 

We had hoped to be in our new home before Christmas, but God had other plans which I now see was absolutely for the better. It's funny how frustrated we get when things don't work out how we planned. I think God gets a pretty good chuckle out of our 'plans'.

Anywho, this is the last Christmas we will spend in our little apartment. We've tossed around the idea of going to Houston to spend it with my family instead, but we haven't decided. Not traveling again through tons of traffic sounds pretty awesome to me after this last weekend.

Unfortunately, I don't think we will be decorating much, since *my hope is* we will have about half the house packed by Christmas and adding to the clutter of boxes with a tree, lights and garland sounds like a panic attack waiting to happen. I'm sure there are some Pinterest tutorials on decorating moving boxes like a tree, right?!

Last year, I handmade a lot of gifts. Partia…

Thanksgiving Reflection

Between everyone doing "30 days of thanksgiving" on Facebook and Thanksgiving only being a few short days away, I know I have countless blessings to be thankful for.

I'm blessed with a hugely supportive and caring husband. He's always up for late night Chinese buffet trips when I don't feel like cooking, or watching The Voice with me when I've had a rough day. He's even really great at doing the laundry (be jealous ladies!). He also is extremely hard working, which makes me respect him even more. Like I've stated before, I had no idea how much my high school coaches worked until we started dating. He also is pretty funny and has amazing song and dance skills. Who wouldn't be thankful for that?

I'm also blessed to have great parents. My folks, though 4 solid hours away, are always there for us. Whether its my dad and I's daily talks while driving home, or mom and I's daily Instant Messenger chit chat (we work for the same spectacular comp…

Big Things Happening!!!

Ugh what an exhausting process. I don't think I've ever experienced the emotional roller coaster that this process demanded of us. We had 4 other houses fall through, for various reasons, and I was feeling pretty down on my luck for a while there. Either way, it's done. PTL!!!!

We have decided to build. We are moving a little bit out in the county (still don't know how I convinced Coach that that was an awesome idea, but I'm glad it worked!!), but it's a really great area! There are only about 4,000 people there, AND there's a great little Mexican restaurant walking distance from the house-and anyone who knows me knows this is the right place for me!

The house is about half way done and we are looking to be there by the February 1st. Here are some pictures!

I am so excited for this new journey in our little family's life. Now I just need some help decorating, so any of my talented friends want to volunteer to help? I'll …

One Nation, Under God

Well, unless you live under a rock, you know the election was yesterday. Now, I'm not going to spend the next page pushing my political views on anyone, it doesn't matter. BUT I am going to take this time to rant a little. Just a little, I promise..

Whether you are an Obama fan or not, you likely agree that these last four years haven't exactly lived up to the hype. That's not to say he's been terrible, that's just saying there were a lot of promises made that, I feel, were neglected.

I hope with this reelection, he can prove to Americans that he is in fact the right man for the job. I hope that he sees, with 47% popular vote going to Mitt Romney, that half of Americans are displeased with the last 4 years enough to vote someone else, anyone else, in instead. I hope that we, together and united, can turn this country around before it's too late.

I saw a Facebook post today that said "We just need a really big war/external enemy to rally everyone togethe…

Happy Halloween Y'all!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We had an office-wide costume contest and our branch dressed up as The Price Is Right and it was fantastic! We had so much fun, and hopefully we win! Here are some pictures of our fun!

Brag Session - Five Things I Admire Most About Coach

Well, as you may know, we've been house hunting!! Goodness, did I underestimate how much work this was going to be! Long story short, we found the 'perfect' house, went to put in a bid and their realtor disclosed unforeseen damage that we ultimately couldn't afford to repair. Womp womp. On to the next, I guess! I was crushed to hear the news about the house. I know God obviously has different plans for us, plans of which we trust with our whole hearts, but I felt like the rug had suddenly been ripped from beneath us. And that is an awful feeling. Around 6pm Monday (the day everything fell through), Coach calls and says he's on his way home, asks how I'm doing and reassures me that that just wasn't the home for our family. When he walks in the door about 20 minutes after we hung up (I wondered what took so long-we live 5 minutes from his school!), he has two pumpkins, a carving kit, candy and flowers. This man knows how to brighten a girls day, amIright?!?!

The Tough Get Going

Holy cow, life have been insane lately.

These last 3 weeks of work have been easily the most stressful weeks of my life. Thank goodness I absolutely love my job, because geez! We can't seem to catch a break in our office!

Our team is really struggling right now, but it's still early so hopefully things will turn around this Friday for our homecoming game. We are currently 0-4, a few of which we were either leading or closely trailing our opponent only to lose momentum after halftime. It's heart wrenching to watch our boys fight and come up short week after week. But like I said, we have a big game Friday so *fingerscrossed* we can quickly turn this season around!

As I stated in an earlier post, my grandmother isn't doing so well. We finally got her to Houston last Saturday so hopefully they can find and fix whatever is going on. Upon her arrive, she fell really ill and was rushed to an ER. My grandfather is now sick with a stomach flu also, so that's just lovely :/.…

Reality TV Junkie

I LOVE reality TV. Coach gets so tired of it, so I generally have to watch my shows by myself. I think I got this obviously inherited trait from my darling Father, who could watch every episode of Storage Wars 100 times each. That's OK. I could do the same with the Moonshiners (Oh, Tickle), so no judgement here for whatever shows your obsessed with, even if it is Married to Jonas (OK, you caught me - I love that show too).

Well, the 14th season of Big Brother has come and gone yet again. Can I tell you how obsessed I am with that show? As soon as summer rolls around, I know the new season will start any minute. And this season was no let down. In case you live under a rock and don't watch it, allow me to give you a super quick rundown on BB14!

The season started with 4 coaches/past all-stars. Each coach selected 4 'super fans' to be their team. After some time, the coaches were given the option to join the game and they did. Blahblahblah, it came down to Dan (former coa…


Psalm 34:7-9The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him,
and he delivers them.
Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Fear the LORD, you his saints,
for those who fear him lack nothing.

I have found a sense of therapy in writing these posts. So here goes another session..

Things have been crazy these last few weeks. My grandmother, who lives in Costa Rica has been in and out of the hospital with a failing heart. They put her on different medications and haven't seen the kind of improvement they had hoped for. She wound up back in the hospital last week. They put her on different medications, hoping for a different result while they decided if a pace-maker was necessary and, if so, how long she would need one. The doctors realized her body wasn't taking too well to the medication after she fainted on her way to the bathroom Monday afternoon. They got her stabilized as best they could and we continued to wait for the pace-maker.


Time on my hands

I have an abundance of spare time (see previous post) and have come up with some really awesome ways to spend my time. Life is too short to sit on the coach and watch it go by, so here's my list for those who care or are bored out of their mind too!

Numero uno on that list has to be wining with one of my fellow coach's wives. We had so much fun this last week, we went to dinner for pizza and wine and visited the local winery Saturday for a little fun! Here's the link for anyone in North Dallas who's looking to do something different without driving to Grapevine . They do awesome concerts, make wood-fired pizzas in an outside oven and have really great wine! I cannot wait until the next concert!!

Nummer zwei would have to be crafting. I've never really been much of a crafter (hello softball-thanks for running my life for 10 years), but I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. I have a list of projects I need to get on, the first being painting my Fom's …