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Time on my hands

I have an abundance of spare time (see previous post) and have come up with some really awesome ways to spend my time. Life is too short to sit on the coach and watch it go by, so here's my list for those who care or are bored out of their mind too!

Numero uno on that list has to be wining with one of my fellow coach's wives. We had so much fun this last week, we went to dinner for pizza and wine and visited the local winery Saturday for a little fun! Here's the link for anyone in North Dallas who's looking to do something different without driving to Grapevine . They do awesome concerts, make wood-fired pizzas in an outside oven and have really great wine! I cannot wait until the next concert!!

Nummer zwei would have to be crafting. I've never really been much of a crafter (hello softball-thanks for running my life for 10 years), but I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. I have a list of projects I need to get on, the first being painting my Fom's …

It's the little things..

Sometimes, it's really difficult being a coach's wife. Spending the majority of your nights alone, having dinner at 10, spending 30 minutes together before you both need to hit the hay. Some weeks are more difficult than others, but this is generally the way things go for 4 months.

Last week was one of the more difficult ones, for me. This is our 5th season together, but this is the first really hard one. The first 3, I was still in college living in Brownwood. I would drive in Thursday or Friday and catch the games, spend the weekend then head back Sunday night. Last year, I was taking a few classes and working night shifts so most nights I wouldn't get in until after Coach got home anyway. This year is so different. This year, I'm home by 5:00 where I try to get as much laundry done, watch the DVR'ed shows that Coach hates and do just about anything I can to make the time pass.

I spent a couple days reeling about whether or not to mention something to Coach about…

Aaannndd.. football season has arrived

I can honestly say I think I am more excited about football season than Coach is! I can't wait to see the other wives-some who have become great friends, the seniors who we've watched work so hard for 3 years and their supportive families and our Dawgs make it back to the play-offs! I realize Coach sees it as 14 hour work days in the unrelenting Texas sun, but he has a group of kids he is so excited about that he can't sit still.

We had our annual Football coaches and family party on Friday, and as always, we had a blast. We are so incredibly blessed to be at a school where family is more important than football. Not that we don't take our football seriously, but it definitely falls in third place behind God and family. The party is an event we always look forward to. Kids playing in the pool and slip'n'slide. Coaches and their wives talking about their summers, what this next season brings, families, and everything in between. We have several new coaches this …

I Am A Coach's Wife

This is a fantastic poem I stumbled across months ago and it has really stuck with me. It is so true of the life we lead and it is a great testament to coaches and their wives everywhere.

I am a Coach's Wife

I am a Coach's Wife, I am married to a football coach. He is best kind of coach, the kind that you want to coach your child, the kind that is there for all of the right reasons, the kind that would give his own life to save the life of one of his players. I move often, my closet is a sea of colors from every school that we have been at. We have been Tigers twice, a Pirate and now we are Vikings. I cheer for not one child but every child. I don't have a son on the team or a daughter on the sidelines but in my heart they are all mine. I care for them as I hope to care for my own one day, their victories are my victories and their heartbreaks I share.
I am a coach's wife. I can change colors over night and cheer on a different group of boys from Fall to Fall. I give up…

Well, hello world!!!

Howdy everyone!!!

This has been a few years in the making and I'm happy to finally do this!!

About me:
I am from Sugar Land, TX, about 15 miles south of Houston. I grew up playing softball and realized my dream of playing college ball for Howard Payne University in good ole Brownwood, Texas. After a career ending shoulder surgery, I stayed at HPU and met the man I would spend my life with, unbenounced to me :). We went on our first date in the thriving city of Granbury. After a year long break up, I somehow convinced my Prince Charming to give me, and us, another shot. He did and the rest is history.

About Coach:
He's from the Dallas area and went on to play football for HPU, where he ROCKED it. He is a huge kid at heart, definitely making our marriage full of fun surprises! He loves Sundays spent at home, with the pup watching Netflix, playing video games, and although he would never admit to it, reading.

We currently live in McKinney, TX where my honey is a high school football …