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Time on my hands

I have an abundance of spare time (see previous post) and have come up with some really awesome ways to spend my time. Life is too short to sit on the coach and watch it go by, so here's my list for those who care or are bored out of their mind too!

Numero uno on that list has to be wining with one of my fellow coach's wives. We had so much fun this last week, we went to dinner for pizza and wine and visited the local winery Saturday for a little fun! Here's the link for anyone in North Dallas who's looking to do something different without driving to Grapevine . They do awesome concerts, make wood-fired pizzas in an outside oven and have really great wine! I cannot wait until the next concert!!

Nummer zwei would have to be crafting. I've never really been much of a crafter (hello softball-thanks for running my life for 10 years), but I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. I have a list of projects I need to get on, the first being painting my Fom's (fake Tom's- you like that?:) McKinney North style. The second is re-painting frames to put our wedding pictures in - I know, it's only been 14 months. I think searching around Pinterest makes me feel so much more artsy that I don't really need to physically do it, right?!

Number three is certainly my new Zumba game for XBox Kinect. Holy mackerel. There is nothing "game" about it. I did it for 10 minutes yesterday and my core is dying. That's all that needs to be said about this.

Lastly I love to cook large, extravagant meals, even it's just for Coach and I. Since he isn't getting home until 10 or 11 anyway, what better way to spend my time than cooking for my sweets?! Again, Pinterest comes in extremely handy when trying to plan something special.

I also have a bookself full of books to re-read, so I think I'm pretty set this season!

We have our first preseason game this Thursday, and after watching our boys play really well this last week, I am so pumped for season to officially start! Then I'll be trying to find time to do half of these things ;)


  1. LOVE pinterest and totally want to tag along for your next visit to this winery!! Looks awesome :)


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