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Happy Halloween Y'all!

Happy Halloween Everyone! We had an office-wide costume contest and our branch dressed up as The Price Is Right and it was fantastic! We had so much fun, and hopefully we win! Here are some pictures of our fun!

Brag Session - Five Things I Admire Most About Coach

Well, as you may know, we've been house hunting!! Goodness, did I underestimate how much work this was going to be! Long story short, we found the 'perfect' house, went to put in a bid and their realtor disclosed unforeseen damage that we ultimately couldn't afford to repair. Womp womp. On to the next, I guess! I was crushed to hear the news about the house. I know God obviously has different plans for us, plans of which we trust with our whole hearts, but I felt like the rug had suddenly been ripped from beneath us. And that is an awful feeling. Around 6pm Monday (the day everything fell through), Coach calls and says he's on his way home, asks how I'm doing and reassures me that that just wasn't the home for our family. When he walks in the door about 20 minutes after we hung up (I wondered what took so long-we live 5 minutes from his school!), he has two pumpkins, a carving kit, candy and flowers. This man knows how to brighten a girls day, amIright?!?!

The Tough Get Going

Holy cow, life have been insane lately.

These last 3 weeks of work have been easily the most stressful weeks of my life. Thank goodness I absolutely love my job, because geez! We can't seem to catch a break in our office!

Our team is really struggling right now, but it's still early so hopefully things will turn around this Friday for our homecoming game. We are currently 0-4, a few of which we were either leading or closely trailing our opponent only to lose momentum after halftime. It's heart wrenching to watch our boys fight and come up short week after week. But like I said, we have a big game Friday so *fingerscrossed* we can quickly turn this season around!

As I stated in an earlier post, my grandmother isn't doing so well. We finally got her to Houston last Saturday so hopefully they can find and fix whatever is going on. Upon her arrive, she fell really ill and was rushed to an ER. My grandfather is now sick with a stomach flu also, so that's just lovely :/.…