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Brag Session - Five Things I Admire Most About Coach


Well, as you may know, we've been house hunting!! Goodness, did I underestimate how much work this was going to be! Long story short, we found the 'perfect' house, went to put in a bid and their realtor disclosed unforeseen damage that we ultimately couldn't afford to repair. Womp womp. On to the next, I guess! I was crushed to hear the news about the house. I know God obviously has different plans for us, plans of which we trust with our whole hearts, but I felt like the rug had suddenly been ripped from beneath us. And that is an awful feeling. Around 6pm Monday (the day everything fell through), Coach calls and says he's on his way home, asks how I'm doing and reassures me that that just wasn't the home for our family. When he walks in the door about 20 minutes after we hung up (I wondered what took so long-we live 5 minutes from his school!), he has two pumpkins, a carving kit, candy and flowers. This man knows how to brighten a girls day, amIright?!?!

I just wanted to use my little corner of the web today to brag on my sweetie for being so thoughtful and came up with 5 things I absolutely adore about this man.

1. He pushes us both to be more Christ-like. Sometimes, we can easily forget how we should treat people, and he frequently points out that I could be more patient and nicer to others. We've started reading the bible together and really dissecting the meanings of the Scriptures. It's definitely allowed us to grow together and understand each other on a whole new level.

2. His unwavering love for me. I legitimately think *most of the time* he thinks I hung the moon. That's not to say I don't irritate him with my singing every song on the radio, leaving glasses like a breadcrumb trail around the house or my addiction to reality TV. But he does something everyday, even if it's small, that makes me feel like he absolutely adores me.

3. He is absolutely the funniest person I know. Now, I think I'm pretty funny myself, but he's hysterical without even knowing it half the time. His logic sometimes just fascinates me (cough, Aliens absolutely built the pyramids, cough). He answers my questions in  the form of a song while he dances around the house, making the dog go crazy, running in circles around the living room.

4. Our family is his highest priority. Especially with this whole home buying experience, he has kept our future-growing family's needs at the top. Whether it's been that the house is too close to a busy street or the home doesn't provide enough room, it's so comforting knowing that even without children presently, they are most important in our decision making process.

Coach comforting one of his players after a tough loss this season.
5. He is a great role model to the young men he coaches. Coach is one of the youngest guys on the staff, but I think that gives him a HUGE advantage in regard to his kids. He is about 10 years older than most of the players and I think he has the "stern older brother" relationship with the majority of his kids. They respect him immensely and know that he cares deeply for every one of them, but will be the first to whip them in shape when they fall short of the player and, even more so, the men he expects them to be.

And he's pretty dadgum good looking, but I'm sure based on these pictures that y'all already know this ;).

I love you so much Pepe!


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