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The Tough Get Going

Holy cow, life have been insane lately.

These last 3 weeks of work have been easily the most stressful weeks of my life. Thank goodness I absolutely love my job, because geez! We can't seem to catch a break in our office!

Our team is really struggling right now, but it's still early so hopefully things will turn around this Friday for our homecoming game. We are currently 0-4, a few of which we were either leading or closely trailing our opponent only to lose momentum after halftime. It's heart wrenching to watch our boys fight and come up short week after week. But like I said, we have a big game Friday so *fingerscrossed* we can quickly turn this season around!

As I stated in an earlier post, my grandmother isn't doing so well. We finally got her to Houston last Saturday so hopefully they can find and fix whatever is going on. Upon her arrive, she fell really ill and was rushed to an ER. My grandfather is now sick with a stomach flu also, so that's just lovely :/. My Aunt Nene did fly into Houston today, and I'm heading down tomorrow afternoon so it'll be nice to see everyone.

On a hugely positive note, we are also currently in the process of looking into purchasing a home! Talk about exciting! We've been looking for a couple weeks, but after sitting down with our mortgage dude, we are well on our way to finding our home! We have given ourselves about 2 months to find something, so go ahead and cross your fingers for that as well.

It seems like just overall, Coach and I have been a little on edge lately. Maybe it's a mix of all the above listed reasons, maybe it's because we aren't getting enough sleep, or maybe it's because our 5 year old dog continues to pee all over the house (anyone want this little schmuck?!). It's a good thing he's cute and gives the best high fives because he's be long gone by now.

I guess we don't have too much to complain about, honestly. We are both in professions that we love, we are blessed to be able to purchase a home and have a fantastic support system to lean on when times get tough. But seriously, hit me up about the dog ;)


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