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Big Things Happening!!!


Ugh what an exhausting process. I don't think I've ever experienced the emotional roller coaster that this process demanded of us. We had 4 other houses fall through, for various reasons, and I was feeling pretty down on my luck for a while there. Either way, it's done. PTL!!!!

We have decided to build. We are moving a little bit out in the county (still don't know how I convinced Coach that that was an awesome idea, but I'm glad it worked!!), but it's a really great area! There are only about 4,000 people there, AND there's a great little Mexican restaurant walking distance from the house-and anyone who knows me knows this is the right place for me!

The house is about half way done and we are looking to be there by the February 1st. Here are some pictures!

Front view

Covered back porch!!! My future sanctuary!!
I am so excited for this new journey in our little family's life. Now I just need some help decorating, so any of my talented friends want to volunteer to help? I'll supply the wine and food ;)
Back - looking toward front


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