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Thanksgiving Reflection

Between everyone doing "30 days of thanksgiving" on Facebook and Thanksgiving only being a few short days away, I know I have countless blessings to be thankful for.

I'm blessed with a hugely supportive and caring husband. He's always up for late night Chinese buffet trips when I don't feel like cooking, or watching The Voice with me when I've had a rough day. He's even really great at doing the laundry (be jealous ladies!). He also is extremely hard working, which makes me respect him even more. Like I've stated before, I had no idea how much my high school coaches worked until we started dating. He also is pretty funny and has amazing song and dance skills. Who wouldn't be thankful for that?

I'm also blessed to have great parents. My folks, though 4 solid hours away, are always there for us. Whether its my dad and I's daily talks while driving home, or mom and I's daily Instant Messenger chit chat (we work for the same spectacular company, so that's nice!). I'm also blessed to have phenomenal in-laws, who live just 10 minutes away. It's really nice, especially since my family is far, to have family close by. Coach and I are both so thankful to not have the stereotypical in-law situation which is a blessing in and of itself.
Us with our folks

Me and my Robin
I'm blessed to have my baby brother, who won't be a baby much long when he turns 21 in January (WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!). Robin, despite our *huge* differences, is one my most favorite people on the planet. I don't just say that because he's my brother and I have to, because I don't. He's incredibly smart (roll in huge smartass in this part as well), witty, funny, and hard headed - I'm not sure where he gets that last part (have you met me or my father?)..5'9'' 120! I am hugely blessed by Coach's siblings. Sara and Ryan welcomed me into their family with open arms, I'm sure mostly because I put up with their insane older brother as well as I do. They are polar opposites, Sara being almost a carbon copy of Coach, and Ryan being the least insane. Ryan also has blessed our family by meeting the girl of his dreams, Lauren who we can't wait to become a Mossakowski!
My amazing in-laws

My extended family is pretty amazing. My dad and his siblings have led by example of how to treat each other and stay close. My dad talks with all three of them just about every week! My cousins and I aren't as close as we'd like to be, but get us together and it's like no time has passed. My mom's side isn't as close, but it seems to be getting better! After going years without speaking to my grandmother, aunt and uncles, we are doing much better after my grandmother got sick. It's sad when it takes something so serious to bring a family closer, but better late than never.

Coach and I have the best group of friends. That group has dwindled as we've gotten older, but the relationships have absolutely grown deeper and more meaningful. These folks have really become like family to us.

 While doing my daily blog stalking this morning, one of my favorite photographer's blogged about being thankful for the struggles, or 'thorns' as she put it. Times you thought you would never be grateful for but have so greatly impacted your life that you can't help but be thankful that they happened.

Personally, I think my 'thorn' would be getting sick almost three years ago. I was 22, in really great shape and healthy. I found out that I had quickly progressing cancerous cells on my cervix. Man, it's difficult to not find yourself questioning God, and how He could let that happen to someone with so much life to live! I have difficulty being out of control of anything and the whole "letting go and letting God" was a heck of a lot easier said than done.

I knew Coach was incredible, we'd been dating for a year or so at this point, and through the doctor's appointment, biopsies and surgery, he never once left my side. He sat there and listened as the doctor explained the risks of the surgery, the chance of infertility or trouble getting pregnant and he never batted an eyelash. Let me remind you, we were only dating. No ring, no promise to uphold to be together forever and yet he stood by me like that was his only option. Kyle proposed three weeks later, and here we are-happy, healthy and together. I knew I loved him before, but after going through something so serious, so scary, and to know there wasn't a place he would have rather been than by my side made any doubt that he was the one go away instantly. 

My parents must have been terrified too, but I never knew it. I was, and still am grateful that my parents had the funds to take care of the medical bills. GEEZ, when mom told me how much we still owed after the insurance company took care of there end was insane. And they needed the money right then. My folks constantly assured me everything would be OK, even after it wasn't 'nothing' like we were so sure it would be. My parents had their own struggle with fertility. Both my brother and I are 'miracle' babies. It took my folks 8 years, countless surgeries, fertility drugs and prayers to get pregnant with me. After they had me, they were told time and time again that it could and would never happen again. 3 years and 10 months later, here was Robin!

Con and I at Franconia!
I swear there are angels among us, just like that old country song. My angels included Coach, my family, Coach's family and my best friend, Connie. Connie and I had a quickly developing friendship. We met right before all this took place and BAM-BFF's. After calling Coach and my folks, I told Connie what was going on. Without missing a beat, she said looked me dead in the eye and said "I'd be the bun to your oven." This is HUGE for anyone to say, but coming from Connie, who doesn't even care to have children of her own blew my mind. BLEW. MY. MIND. And she meant it. She still does. Sometimes, when baby fever hits real hard and I worry about the unknown, she reminds me of her promise. I'm not sure I could be that selfless for anyone and she would do that tomorrow for me if we asked.

You need to experience struggle to know how great something awesome can be. Whether that be a relationship, a job or anything else. I'm so grateful for the not so awesome in my life that has made me who I am today!  Things work out exactly how they are supposed to.


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