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80 Degree Christmas Eve and a White Christmas Day

You know what they say about Texas weather? If you don't like it, wait a minute -it'll change. And did it change!!! Christmas Eve, we were in Houston with my family and it was an amazing 80 degrees and sunny. Now, I know this isn't every one's preference when it comes to Christmas weather, but it sure as heck is mine! We were sitting outside, playing cards and hanging out. The picture below is my brother tanning by the pool.

This literally was taken Monday, on Christmas Eve. When you scroll down and see the other pictures from the next day, you aren't going to believe that this was just 24 hours earlier. 
Coach and I woke up early Christmas day and made our drive to Frisco to spend Christmas day with his family. I really think this was the first Christmas we've actually gotten to have on Christmas day, since Coach's brother is usually in bowl game.
While we were driving in, we hit a MASSIVE thunderstorm. I mean, can't see through the windshield, hydroplaning across three lanes of traffic - massive. The news had been saying all week that we may have a white Christmas. Please. This is Texas. I kept looking at the weather map on my phone and all I could see was the huge storm that surrounded us. The snow was in Oklahoma and just seemed too far north to make it to us by nightfall. I was wrong. BAM!
This is pretty early on in the snow fall, but it was insane that so much was sticking!

Puppy is scared of everything. EVERYTHING. So we were pretty entertained by how much he loved the snow! 

After we ate entirely too much, we all decided to go for walk in the snow. It was like powder. Usually when we get 'snow', it's really sleet so this was a nice surprise. Especially when someone smashes a snowball in your face. I'd take to this over an ice chunk anyday!

The news said our area got 5 inches of snow! SO crazy!
It was super nice to be able to spend time with both of our families. We got a bunch of really awesome gifts, ate too much amazing food and enjoyed being together. We hope all of our friends and family had an amazing Christmas also!!


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