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Christmas Questionnaire

A sweet friend of mine posted this on her blog and I thought it was too fun, so here goes! Feel free to share on your blog too!!

1.) As of right now, how many sleeps until Christmas?

2.) What is number one on your wish list?
Number one for me is that I actually surprise Coach with someone he wants. He ALWAYS figures out what I got him and it would make my Christmas to actually surprise him for once. For me though, I would love a new set of golf clubs since mine got stolen :/

3.) How do you get in the holiday spirit?
Driving around, looking at Christmas lights with Coach and Bobo, and going by the house in Frisco in particular. It's amazing! Check out this video if you can't go by it in person. 

4.) What goes on on Christmas Eve at your house?
We actually do the whole shebang on Christmas Eve. We open all of our Christmas gifts, listen to Christmas music, and have our big Christmas dinner. Growing up, we would open all of our family gifts and then Christmas morning open our Santa gifts. After awhile, Santa got the memo and delivered our gifts to our parents on Christmas Eve so we could just open everything that night! We've spent every Christmas Eve with my folks, so this is a tradition I hope we take with us when we have kiddos.

5.) How does Santa operate at your house?
Santa got the whole Christmas Eve memo, so he started delivering our gifts to our parents to give to us on Christmas Eve. Coach and I only have a fur baby and when he finally gets his stocking goodies, he's so excited, it feels like we're Santa!

6.) What's a tradition you love?
My favorite Christmas tradition generally takes place after a tad too much spiked cider. Coach, myself and my brother stay up, play cards and just talk. I look forward to that every year. Some pretty awesome/outrageous/hysterical revelations have come out during this time. My favorite has to be when my brother said that he was never getting married and that he and his adopted son were going to travel the world.
Another one would be with Coach's family. Coach's brother is an amazing quarterback and has spent the last few Christmas's in bowl games. So our family Christmas usually takes places days, or even weeks later. We always watch movies and play games. Coach's mom makes Monkey Bread, sausage balls and all kinds of amazing food!

7.) Do you give gifts?
That's the best part!

8.) What's your favorite holiday drink?
I love Coach's spiked cider, but Shiner Holiday Cheer is my Christmas time drink of choice.
9.) What about your favorite holiday food?
Fried turkey! I literally cannot get enough. And fried turkey means, TURKEY SOUP. Mom also makes all kinds of cookies, cakes and snacks. My mother in law makes pumpkin cookies that are seriously TO. DIE. FOR. And my father in law is an amazing baker. Basically everything that gets made is my favorite.
10.) What is your favorite Christmas movie?
Ok, so don't hate me but I had never seen A Christmas Story OR Christmas Vacation until Coach and I started dating. UGH I KNOW! I KNOW! They're pretty amazing though. I do have to say I fought Christmas Vacation. Hard. I don't really like that kind of humor, but it got me in the end. And who doesn't love ELF?!?!
11.) If you worked in Santa's workshop, what would you be doing?
I'm positive I would be sneaking around trying to find my gifts! HA! OR Hunting reindeer.... that's so wrong..
12.) Who do you TAG?
I tag any and everyone! Be sure to comment and let me know if you post :)


  1. Thanks for joining in on the post! Love all of your traditions and I am shocked to hear that you hadn't seen Christmas Vacation until you met Kyle, LOL! But I was the same way with Star Wars and the Godfather films, so I guess we're even ;)


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