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Last night...

I had a really awesome (in the truest of true meaning) dream last night that I'm finding strikingly moving, although I'm not totally sure why as of yet. I decided I needed to write it down, even if I decide never to publish it. I need it for me.
Last night, I was exhausted! It was 9:45 and I had decided to crash. Coach was playing video games with his brother and hadn't come to bed yet. As I sat there, I found myself praying and apologizing to God that it had been over a week since I had last consciously done so. I said my little prayer, Coach came in, we watched our nightly episode of King of the Hill and both fell asleep.
I tossed and turned all night. Worried I would oversleep. Hoping I would wake up to the streets covered in snow so I could work from home today. Nervous that something would go outrageously wrong with the house. Anxious about my Fantasy Football team (at this point, with my 4-9 record, this shouldn't even be a worry). Excited for Texans Monday Night Football! You name it.
Coach woke up at 5:30 for work, kissed me goodbye and I knew I only had about 20 minutes before I needed to be up too.
Then I had this dream. Here's what happened.
So Coach and I, and our families had a ranch. Now, when I say ranch, I mean Brownwood-esque, no grass, all clay chunk of land. In the middle of the ranch was a valley area which was an old grave site with crosses as headstones. Our families were discussing how awful the drought was and I said a prayer for rain. Moments after praying, water started flowing from on top of the hill and into the valley area. Then it would stop. It wasn't an aggressive flow, more like a stream, but there was no source from which the water was coming from. The ground was so dry that it soaked up most of the water immediately. I was trying to get out of the water, and as I was stepping over the graves I was doing the Sign of the Cross and every time I did, more water would come. Every time I prayed or spoke to God, water would come flowing down into the valley.

The valley filled, and I woke up feeling refreshed.
I was a Psychology major and one of the more interesting classes I took in college was a theories class where we discussed dream analysis in short. Our professor, Dr. Bean, didn't really care all that much for the topic so we barely skimmed the top of it, but it always struck me as fascinating regardless of whether or not it held water (no pun intended-whoopsy).
After doing a Google search on prayer dreams, I found this. Below is what it says about prayer dreams:
As one of the most spiritual dreams one can have, the spiritual side of you might feel lost in a certain situation. You feel helpless and the need to ask for help, with prayer, to a higher power. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find yourself to be the religious type either, this can happen to anybody and especially those who don’t pray a lot.
You might also feel guilty about not praying enough. Oftentimes, the things we do in our dreams signify the things we desire to do during the daytime – things that we neglect or put off for another day, which often never comes.
Interesting for sure, especially since I had apologized specifically for not praying enough, but I think the most important dream analyzer (is that right??- sounds stupid..) is you. Who cares what someone else thinks your dreams mean?! What good is it if someone thinks your dreams mean one thing, but you believe they mean another! Personally, I just find it interesting to hear what others think dreams mean. For me, I think this dream meant when times get tough, when I've strayed a little further than I am aware, when I feel like no one is listening- God is there. Even if you haven't been as near. He is still there.
I just felt inclined to put this down in writing. Not totally sure of why yet, but when I figure it out, I'll be thankful it's here.


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