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Your Dreams Are Our Dreams

It's been awhile. My b.

Being married to a coach is tough. There's not much family time and like I've said before, we are so incredibly blessed to be in a program where our head coach believes Sunday's are family days. We have coach friends who's families aren't quite as lucky.

When we got married, I promised Coach, and myself, that I would be as supportive as I possibly could of Coach's job, goals and dreams. I try to be at every game I can. I think a lot of the parents, fans and wives would agree, I'm more than present. I'm pretty loud.. I couldn't help that if I tried. I love football.

Obviously, one of Coach's biggest career goals is a state championship. In turn, this is one of my biggest life-goals too. When you watch you husband invest so much time, heart, passion and tears into his career, it's impossible to not make that one of your dreams too.

I think one thing non-coaching families don't understand is that this is more tha…

Welcome Back October

Hello lover.

Fall just so happens to be my favorite time of year. What's not to love? 90 degree days instead of the 110 we've been dealing with since April.

I'm obsessed with anything and everything pumpkin. If you follow me on Pinterest, I think you know that is an understatement. This obsession includes (of course!) Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. If I didn't think my heart would explode from caffeine intake, I would drink them all day long. I found a Skinny version on Pinterest not too long ago and gave it a shot.

1 1/2 c Skim milk2 tbsp. Pumpkin Butter (there's a recipe here, but I bought mine from a local shop)2 tsp. Sugar/Stevia - there is so little of this in the recipe, I used actual sugar2 tsp. vanilla extract1/2 c strong coffee (or 1/4 c of espresso)Pumpkin Pie SpiceFat Free Whipped Cream

Whisk milk, pumpkin butter and sugar in a small sauce pot over medium heat and bring to boil. Once boiling, remove from heat and add vanilla. Pour into two m…

Monday Motivation - Weight Loss Day 14

It's been 14 days since I published the first post (which has received some really awesome responses, so thank you btw) and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with myself. I've had about 3-4 pounds of fluctuation but I'm not too worried about it. As of this evening, I weighed in at 148. Not too shabby considering I can feel myself getting stronger. I'm not sure I'm seeing the difference yet but I'm definitely feeling it! Like I said, this blog is helping me stay accountable so here's my Day 14 picture. Happy Monday and keep up the good work friends!!!

What We Ate Wednesday

I love salt. LOVE. Most of the people in my life crave chocolate or sweets. Not me. Chips, pork rinds (don't judge me), ranch Corn Nuts, I'm completely non-discriminatory when it comes to salty snacks.

Starting this "lifestyle change", I knew a lot of my favorites wouldn't be able to come with me. Jack In the Box tacos, my homemade chicken friend chicken and mashed potatoes, McDonald's french fries.. I could go on for days. I knew this would be difficult. I've tried making some of my favorites into "this doesn't taste healthy!" recipes and I wanted to share some of my favorites!

(Also, I am worst at taking pictures of my food. I create these beautiful masterpieces with the intention of posting them and always forget to take pictures, so the one's here are from similar recipes. I'll do better.)

Potatoes are my favorite. I think I've already said that here, but I really mean it. Growing up, we never ate sweet potatoes. My parents…

Monday Morning Motivation

It's About To Get Real...

Last week, Coach and I finished the Advocare 10 day cleanse. Honestly, it was a TON easier than I thought it would be. Basically, you take the pills, fiber drink and eat as much veggies, fruits and lean proteins as you please. The goal is to try and cut out as much bad fats, white starches and sugars as possible. I'm not really a huge sweets-girl (I can hear my mother saying I'm not her daughter as I write this) so the sugar part wasn't terrible. And since its summer and fruit is delicious and cheap, it worked out perfectly when I needed a little sweetness in my life. The hardest part for me was starches. I LOVE chips, fries, mashed potatoes, potatoes of any kind. And 10 days with a potato was KILLER. Basically, every morning I ate a banana or apple. For lunch everyday, I had spinach with either grilled chicken or salmon and lemon juice instead of dressing(which is delicious BTW). For dinner, I tried to make it at least a little interesting. One night, I made turkey burger…

Hello Football Season

Well, here we are again.

Coach woke up bright and early for the first day of meetings before the kids start two-a-days next week. Man, this summer flew by!

I really love being a coach's wife. I'm positive I was put here to marry a coach and cheer for 75 young men as if they were all my children. And I'm pretty good at the whole hootin' and hollerin' part if I do say so myself.

This year will be a bit different than the last couple for me though. One of my favorite people in the whole world won't be there cheering next to me this year. Mama Pam has taken me under her wing since day one. See, for the last four years this woman has cared for me like her own child, been one of my closest confidants and my favorite cheerleader. She was so excited for us every time we thought the house was going to work and was my shoulder to cry on every time it didn't. She has brought extra blankets, jackets and gloves because she knew I would forget them. She has brought c…

I Remember.. A Note To Coach

Today marks two years of being your wife. Two years of being married to the coolest kid around. And I could not be more proud.

I remember July 2nd, 2011 like it was yesterday. I remember waking up, surprised that I had actually slept so well. I remember getting to the church hall with my family to finish setting up for the reception and keeping an eye on my dad making sure he wasn't about to get in his car and drive off so he wouldn't have to walk me down the isle. I remember all of my very best friends joining me to make their bouquets, eat brunch and enjoying the last few moments of calm before the crazy day started. I remember a certain fraternity president telling me he would meet me at 11am and showing up at 1pm and telling him "do NOT mess with me today!" I remember getting my hair and make-up done with my mother, soon to be sister-in-law and a later-to-be sister-in-law. I remember starting to get anxious while getting ready with two of my very best friends in…

Summer Strawberry and Feta Salad

So, we leave for Mexico in 5 days and in a last ditch effort to lose 5 pounds, we've decided to eat salads until we leave. Coach's idea of doing this is eating spinach leaves, grilled chicken and ranch everyday. I have two problems with this. 1. I hate bottled ranch and 2. I can't eat the same thing more than once. And if we're planning on doing this the "healthy" way, that's not gonna cut it.

I decided since I'm the chef in our family, this was going to be completely up to me to get creative. Here's the thing. I'm a meat and potato kind'a gal. I don't "do" salads. So clearly these salads need to fill me up and not leave me wanting Jack In The Box tacos at 10pm every night. That would be pretty counterproductive, don'tcha think?  
So last night I made a spinach, strawberry and feta salad with chicken and a homemade strawberry vinaigrette. Here's my recipe! Also, this isn't my picture. I fully intended on taking …

Monday Morning Inspiration

I have to apologize, I've been pretty quiet lately. I have about 30 posts started, but haven't felt anything was worth letting the world read.


Back to the old routine. Actually, I'm needing this morning inspiration more than usual today. We had a super long (and FUN) weekend, but I will talk more about that later this week. Enjoy!

Glass Half Full

I read a post today about some of the terrible marriage advise a couple got before their wedding day. It was pretty entertaining because a lot of the things they disagreed about, I posted here a while ago. Included in that terrible advise is wait to marry until you are financially stable. I will never forget when my dad was talking to Coach and said "if you're waiting to be financially stable to get married, have children or whatever, you'll be waiting forever". True that.

The other day, Coach and I were talking about when we think would be a good time to revisit the whole house situation. If you forgot, we had a terrible, heartbreaking experience earlier this year and I was crushed. I find myself still loving the house that slipped through our fingers but frequently I find myself grateful that it didn't work. There's so many other things happening in our lives right now that I know God didn't think being a homeowner would do us any favors.

But that con…

Monday Morning Inspiration - Harry Potter Edition

Monday Morning Inspiration

We Must Get Better

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the Houston blogger who wanted to know if people thought Kelsey Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleading squad was "too chunky" to be a cheerleader. (If you haven't, this is a link to the cached version, the original has since been removed.) This truly has been eating away at me for a number of reasons. First of all, this girl is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous and there is absolutely nothing "chunky" about her. I am disgusted that any reporter, columnist or blogger would find it necessary to write about her size AND THEN include a poll, asking readers if she is in fact "too chunky" to be a cheerleader. Lastly, I was heartbroken to hear this post was written by a woman. When did women get so catty that they feel berating other women like this is acceptable?

Like I said in my post last week, I'm having some issues with my weight. However, I would say I'm pretty confident in how I look despite…

What I Ate Wednesday - Weight Watchers Bella Braised Chicken - 4(?) PP

Braising may be my favorite cooking method. Probably because you generally only have to use one pot. I recently introduced my best friend, Con, to the wonderful world of braising and as we were emailing yesterday, she sent me this ridiculous looking recipe for Beer Braised Chicken with Onions. Holy cow it looked incredible, but I think the carb content may be a little high for me and Coach right now. Either way, it's worth a look here! This is the recipe I will be making tonight for supper. Like I said, I love braised meats and I think this will hit the spot beautifully. I found it on Weight Watchers, but it doesn't seem to be an actual Weight Watchers recipe. Oh well, it sounds great and is pretty low points (WW gave it 4 PP, seems a little low but I can run with it) and high protein. Can't go wrong there. Enjoy! Bella Braised Chicken

1 T. unsalted stick margarine
2 onions, chopped
2 celery stalks, diced
1 carrot, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 T. flour
1/4 t. freshly ground bl…

Monday Morning Inspiration on Tuesday

I was sick yesterday so forgive my tardiness.

With countless hurtful stories circling the news right now and people being hateful on any platform they can find (i.e. Facebook, blogs, Instagram, TV shows, etc.), it seems we could all use a reminder. Be kind.

What I Ate Wednesday - Weight Watchers Stuffed Peppers

This title is technically misleading but nonetheless, you'll get the idea.

Recently, I've been having some medical issues. My hormones are all out of whack and my weight is fluctuating as much as 10 pounds a week. It's truly just awesome. Some days my clothes fit, other days I can't find anything that will button. Good news is that I think we've found out how to get them under control and I hope to be wearing my favorite jeans without Spanx (or really anything without Spanx) soon. Fingers crossed!

Either way, I'm trying to watch what I eat ESPECIALLY since I just bought a cute little bikini for summer time! Time to get it together folks!

Today, I wanted to share the recipe I will be making for dinner tonight for me and Coach. I truly love Weight Watchers. My old boss introduced me to Weight Watchers about a year ago, saying that once you get in the hang of buying and cooking, it's incredibly easy and will stick with you. She was so right. Enjoy!

Stuffed Pep…

Coach Turns 28!!!!

Coach turned 28 on Sunday and I had planned a small surprise gathering to celebrate! We had old friends, new friends and family show up to celebrate! Actually, I got a bit frustrated when Coach decided he wanted to ruin the surprise and guess where we were going and who would be there. He ALWAYS somehow figures out his gifts. Either way though, it was a blast. We went to Splitsville in Fairview for some bowling and fun. My sweet friend Heather, another coach's wife, helped set everything up for me while I got him there. My brother and Coach's brother showed up from out of town too!! All in all, I think it was a success!

Happy birthday lovebug. I will always try to surprise you for your birthday, whether you try to ruin the surprise or not ;). I love you immensely Coach. Xo

Monday Morning Inspiration

Throw Back Thursday - Blog Style

So, I have this friend. Her name is Ashley and I miss her everyday. Literally. She's one of those friends who, regardless of how long it's been since we've spoken, we pick up right where we left off. We've been friends since high school, and we definitely haven't kept in touch like we should. We've fought like sisters, we've gotten in a lot of trouble together, and have had some of the best times of my life beside her. So in honor of #tbt, I got a group of pictures from high school, along with one from our most recent shenanigans. I miss you sweet friend!

March of Dimes and a Birchbox Auction!!

Unless you live under a rock, or you're a dude, you've likely heard of Birchbox. Sara, a sweet friend of ours over at Dear Emerson, is participating in March of Dimes, March for Babies in Houston later this month! She has partnered with Chasity of Haute Mommy who has generously offered to auction off a 3 month Birchbox subscription, with the proceeds going to their team "Emerson & Friends". If you're interested in submitting a bid on this awesome product and helping an amazing foundation, go check out Sara's blog for more details!

Girl Post : Hair Products for Fine Hair and a Cry for Help

Generally speaking, I am pretty happy with my appearance. I've never been one who spends hours primping, and by primping I mean anything more than a shower, blow drying my hair and putting on more than one coat of mascara. The truth is, I'm terrible at being a girl. I just recently started getting my nails done regularly and that's really only because I meet with clients on a regular basis and I don't want them thinking I'm a bum. I have little desire to shop, and when I do I buy t-shirts. I love watching baseball on TV, which no one in America likes to do. I'm THAT girl.

One thing that I've always had a complex about is my hair. I have really fine, straight as board hair. I chopped my hair off last fall, not because I wanted to but I realized that if I wanted to achieve even the smallest amount of volume, the length had to go. wompwomp.

I've spent quite a bit of money on those expensive shampoos only to find they leave my hair feeling heavy and lifeless…

(almost) 2 Years Worth of Marriage Advice

We are going on two years of being married!! Holy cow!  We were asked this weekend if we were giving our newlywed friends marriage advice. I believe Coach said something along the lines of "I think we're still trying to figure it out ourselves", but I may have been chuckling too loud to hear him correctly. I had been thinking of doing a post on the advice I could give to our newlywed or engaged friends, but didn't think I would have much to say. I've come up with a few points that have worked for me and Coach, and though this initial list will likely be pretty short, I do plan on adding, editing and possibly deleting some of these as time goes on and we start to figure this thing out. 
1. Pick your battles. I can distinctly remember my mother telling me as a kid "Don't fight over if its chicken or beef for dinner! Who cares?!" This really has stuck with me. Sometimes this is definitely easier said than done when life gets in the way, but I think y…

25 Years and Trip

I turned the big 2-5 a week ago. My coworkers all had minor meltdowns when they turned 25, so I think I kind of expected to wake up and feeling 100. The problem with that is that most days I feel 100 anyway, between the back pain and exhaustion.

Coach had a regional power lifting meet my birthday weekend, but made it back in time to take me to hibachi!! I could legitimately eat hibachi There's a great place in McKinney that we go to called Shoguns. It's substantially better AND cheaper than Benihana. Win win. After dinner, Coach took me to Cru Wine Bar in Allen and we got $40-worth of desserts. Their creme brulee is unreal, and larger than usual which is a treat all on it's own! We also got this chocolate fondue with strawberries, pound cake, bananas, and three kinds of cookies and biscotti. It was really good, even for the non-chocolate lunatics like myself. The best part of the evening? Being in bed by 9:30. Is that what happens at 25? If so, I'm co…

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

I'm two days late, but I was dying yesterday with what had to have been a minor case of food poisoning. I swear, on our way back to Dallas Sunday, I thought I was going to die when I had to get sick behind a shady truck stop. It was truly a traumatizing experience.

I've gushed before about how awesome my folks in this post. They are really just awesome folks who truly love eachother. They've been through a lot together and I've always told Coach that if they could get through their hurdles, there's no reason we couldn't get through anything.

As of sunday, they had been married 35 years! Isn't that crazy?! 35 freakin' years! Today's post is dedicated to them!

They met in Germany, my dad in the Army and my mom an Army brat. They were engaged after dating for 2 months. Did I mention that they were just 17 and 19? They would have lost had I done that.. Dad proposed like this, "hey, I'm heaing back to Michigan soon. You're either coming wi…

Happy Valentine's Day My Love

Today is Valentine's Day, obviously! Ironically, this Valentine's day falls a day after Ash Wednesday. At church last night, Father Arthur spoke about love. Love for Our Father.  Love for ourselves. Love for each other. How fitting considering today is a celebration of love!?

Coach and I have spent 4 Valentine's Days together. We're not the folks who get reservations to the fanciest restaurants in town. We typically spend the holiday at home, with a home cooked meal, snuggling on the couch watching NetFlix. And this year is no different, with the exception of a few friendly XBox Kinect competitions ;)

I love you so incredibly much, Coach. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I hope that I am able to make you at least half as happy as you make me. You are my best friend, my favorite comedian, and one of my hero's. I've never met someone, with the exception of my father, who works as hard as you do. You do so much that goes unnoticed everyday and…

Lent-Friendly Meal Ideas

Every year I start off Lent strong, keeping up with my fastings pretty well. I try to not make my fastings known, but sometimes the smaller things - like my chocolate intake, I let Coach or my coworkers know so we can keep each other accountable. Most of mine, though, I hold close to my heart.

Anywho! One of the things I truly struggle with is creating meal ideas for Ash Wednesday and Friday's during Lent. We're not big seafood eaters, so this is a struggle for me. And with Coach being, well, a coach these meals need to be pretty filling (AKA - we're not those folks who can have salads for dinner). 

I can generally come up with a few ideas, but it gets repetitive quickly and next thing you know I've taken a bite out of a cheeseburger come Friday - week 3. I've spent the last few days looking online for Lenten Meals and have found some really awesome ones, even ones with ONLY vegetable *gasp* that look amazing! Most of our friends partake in Lent and so I thought I co…