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Keep Looking Forward

I haven't published anything lately, but I have about 10 posts in 'draft' stage right now. I am weary to post what I'm about to, but like I've said before this is therapy for me so here goes.

As many know, Coach and I were building a home. A beautiful home that would house our family for years to come. I've even posted pictures of the progress on this blog before. I described in that blog the trouble we've had trying to purchase a home and how it all seemed to fall apart so this home could come together for us.

Apparently, this was not 'the one' either..

Early December, I found out my student loans reported to the credit bureaus incorrectly and in turn had dropped my credit score by almost 200 points.  Our lender, who has done more than I think anyone else would have, told us we could fight it through him, pay a nice little chunk of change and get the results of the dispute back in about a week. That or we could dispute it on our own and it take 60…

First love and the Hall of Fame

When most girls think about their first love, they generally remember a high school relationship that they thought would surely last forever. Some boy coming in and sweeping her off her feet, thinking this would be one of the most influential relationships of her life. You love (what you think) the most. You hurt the most. You learn the most. A lot of times, that's true. I think every girl I know can relate.

My first love was baseball. Some of my best childhood memories were spent in the orange, red and yellow rainbow seats of the Astrodome. I remember being at one of Randy Johnson's first/only games as an Astro. I remember my brother and Jose Lima's funny little Rally Hat thing. I remember late weekday games and going to school the next day exhausted. My first crush was Jeff Bagwell. I remember how nice Craig Biggio was to me when I saw him at my brother's baseball tournament watching his own kids play. I remember sobbing on my college apartment floor during both Bagw…

Bachelor Fantasy Football!

So a couple girls in our office are playing this Bachelor-style Fantasy Football game. I'm pretty pumped -1. because I love the Bachelor and 2. because I stunk it up in Fantasy football this year and would like a chance to redeem myself. I'm posting this in case any of my friends want to play too with the folks you work with!

Bachelor Fantasy Football!!! I even made a board with all of their faces and as they get eliminated, we’ll ‘x’ their faces off! So fun! There will be a draft for your "players". We're picking names out a hat for the draft order. You are allowed to pick 5 ‘players’. Select ONE for your QB. That player gets DOUBLE points. Then you are to select two more to be ‘active’ – meaning they can get points during episodes. You will have two on the bench – meaning they aren’t eligible to get points. Here are the actions you can score points on Mentions watching Sean's season/hoping it would be Sean - 2 pts First…

2013 resolutions that I have absolutely no intention of keeping..

I'm really not one to make resolutions simply because, well, I usually end them by January 10th. I'm pretty bad at keeping resolutions for two reasons - 1. They are unrealistic. Because, I mean really, who could control their road rage in Dallas? No one. And 2. I make them throughout the year. I'll cook a healthy and delicious dinner and say to myself "I'm going to do this from now on! No more Taco Bell or Domino's nights for us!" You know what the problem with eating healthy is? It's not the vegetables or watching fat/carb/calorie intake! It's the price tag at the grocery store! You know when you go grocery shopping and stock up on tons vegetables, meats, healthy grains and snacks and then the cashier rings it all up and you almost pass out? Yep. That'll throw a giant wrench in your healthy lifestyle!

I got to thinking about the different resolutions I would (un)realistically make this year and thought it would be entertaining, at least to mys…