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Bachelor Fantasy Football!

So a couple girls in our office are playing this Bachelor-style Fantasy Football game. I'm pretty pumped -1. because I love the Bachelor and 2. because I stunk it up in Fantasy football this year and would like a chance to redeem myself. I'm posting this in case any of my friends want to play too with the folks you work with!
Bachelor Fantasy Football!!!
I even made a board with all of their faces and as they get eliminated, we’ll ‘x’ their faces off! So fun!
There will be a draft for your "players". We're picking names out a hat for the draft order. You are allowed to pick 5 ‘players’. Select ONE for your QB. That player gets DOUBLE points. Then you are to select two more to be ‘active’ – meaning they can get points during episodes. You will have two on the bench – meaning they aren’t eligible to get points.
Here are the actions you can score points on
Mentions watching Sean's season/hoping it would be Sean - 2 pts
First name called during rose ceremony - 3 pts
Gets visibly, inappropriately drunk - 8 pts
Receives The Final Rose of the evening - 3 pts
Is divorced; talks about previous marriage or divorce -   1 pt
Goes on a one-on-one date with Sean - 4 pts
Claims another contestant is there "for the wrong reasons" - 3 pts
Goes on a group date - 1 pt
Plays a guitar for some reason -3 pts
Says "[date activity] is a lot like a relationship" - 3 pts
Sings for some reason (rapping will also count) - 2 pts
Cries (for any reason, not necessarily elimination) - 3 pts
Dances with Sean (fast and slow both acceptable) - 2 pts
Makes Sean cry - 10 pts
Kisses Sean on the mouth; points double if this kissing could reasonably be described as "making out" - 2 pts
Interrupts someone else's one-on-one time to claim her own one-on-one time - 3 pts
Speaks in a foreign language - 1 pt
Is eliminated at any point other than a rose ceremony - 5 pts
Described by another contestant as "weird", “fake” or "a freak" - 2 pts
Comes back after being eliminated or leaving - 15 pts
Sean describes her has "beautiful," "attractive," "hot," etc. - 1 pt
Gets the group date rose - 5 pts
Have fun and good luck!!



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