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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

I'm two days late, but I was dying yesterday with what had to have been a minor case of food poisoning. I swear, on our way back to Dallas Sunday, I thought I was going to die when I had to get sick behind a shady truck stop. It was truly a traumatizing experience.

I've gushed before about how awesome my folks in this post. They are really just awesome folks who truly love eachother. They've been through a lot together and I've always told Coach that if they could get through their hurdles, there's no reason we couldn't get through anything.

As of sunday, they had been married 35 years! Isn't that crazy?! 35 freakin' years! Today's post is dedicated to them!

They met in Germany, my dad in the Army and my mom an Army brat. They were engaged after dating for 2 months. Did I mention that they were just 17 and 19? They would have lost had I done that.. Dad proposed like this, "hey, I'm heaing back to Michigan soon. You're either coming wi…

Happy Valentine's Day My Love

Today is Valentine's Day, obviously! Ironically, this Valentine's day falls a day after Ash Wednesday. At church last night, Father Arthur spoke about love. Love for Our Father.  Love for ourselves. Love for each other. How fitting considering today is a celebration of love!?

Coach and I have spent 4 Valentine's Days together. We're not the folks who get reservations to the fanciest restaurants in town. We typically spend the holiday at home, with a home cooked meal, snuggling on the couch watching NetFlix. And this year is no different, with the exception of a few friendly XBox Kinect competitions ;)

I love you so incredibly much, Coach. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I hope that I am able to make you at least half as happy as you make me. You are my best friend, my favorite comedian, and one of my hero's. I've never met someone, with the exception of my father, who works as hard as you do. You do so much that goes unnoticed everyday and…

Lent-Friendly Meal Ideas

Every year I start off Lent strong, keeping up with my fastings pretty well. I try to not make my fastings known, but sometimes the smaller things - like my chocolate intake, I let Coach or my coworkers know so we can keep each other accountable. Most of mine, though, I hold close to my heart.

Anywho! One of the things I truly struggle with is creating meal ideas for Ash Wednesday and Friday's during Lent. We're not big seafood eaters, so this is a struggle for me. And with Coach being, well, a coach these meals need to be pretty filling (AKA - we're not those folks who can have salads for dinner). 

I can generally come up with a few ideas, but it gets repetitive quickly and next thing you know I've taken a bite out of a cheeseburger come Friday - week 3. I've spent the last few days looking online for Lenten Meals and have found some really awesome ones, even ones with ONLY vegetable *gasp* that look amazing! Most of our friends partake in Lent and so I thought I co…

Tristan James Jannati - The Real-Life Superman

Just when you think you are being dealt a terrible hand, God shows you how blessed you really are.

When I was in college, I was a "babe" for the fraternity Zeta Chi. Howard Payne is a small school and the fraternities and sororities aren't nationally recognized, but that allowed us to create our own rules. These guys were, and many still are, my absolutely best friends. They welcomed me with open arms into the madness and I jumped in head first. I even became more involved than some of the members. When someone needed a fishing buddy, they called me. When someone wanted to go play a round of golf, they called me. I really was one of the guys, and I am eternally grateful to this group of men for giving me a better college experience than I could have ever imagined.

But, this post isn't about me. This post is about a brother of mine. He and his girlfriend gave birth to a sweet baby two months early. Tristan James Jannati was born at just under 4 pounds and was diagnose…