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Girl Post : Hair Products for Fine Hair and a Cry for Help

Generally speaking, I am pretty happy with my appearance. I've never been one who spends hours primping, and by primping I mean anything more than a shower, blow drying my hair and putting on more than one coat of mascara. The truth is, I'm terrible at being a girl. I just recently started getting my nails done regularly and that's really only because I meet with clients on a regular basis and I don't want them thinking I'm a bum. I have little desire to shop, and when I do I buy t-shirts. I love watching baseball on TV, which no one in America likes to do. I'm THAT girl.

One thing that I've always had a complex about is my hair. I have really fine, straight as board hair. I chopped my hair off last fall, not because I wanted to but I realized that if I wanted to achieve even the smallest amount of volume, the length had to go. wompwomp.

I've spent quite a bit of money on those expensive shampoos only to find they leave my hair feeling heavy and lifeless…

(almost) 2 Years Worth of Marriage Advice

We are going on two years of being married!! Holy cow!  We were asked this weekend if we were giving our newlywed friends marriage advice. I believe Coach said something along the lines of "I think we're still trying to figure it out ourselves", but I may have been chuckling too loud to hear him correctly. I had been thinking of doing a post on the advice I could give to our newlywed or engaged friends, but didn't think I would have much to say. I've come up with a few points that have worked for me and Coach, and though this initial list will likely be pretty short, I do plan on adding, editing and possibly deleting some of these as time goes on and we start to figure this thing out. 
1. Pick your battles. I can distinctly remember my mother telling me as a kid "Don't fight over if its chicken or beef for dinner! Who cares?!" This really has stuck with me. Sometimes this is definitely easier said than done when life gets in the way, but I think y…

25 Years and Trip

I turned the big 2-5 a week ago. My coworkers all had minor meltdowns when they turned 25, so I think I kind of expected to wake up and feeling 100. The problem with that is that most days I feel 100 anyway, between the back pain and exhaustion.

Coach had a regional power lifting meet my birthday weekend, but made it back in time to take me to hibachi!! I could legitimately eat hibachi There's a great place in McKinney that we go to called Shoguns. It's substantially better AND cheaper than Benihana. Win win. After dinner, Coach took me to Cru Wine Bar in Allen and we got $40-worth of desserts. Their creme brulee is unreal, and larger than usual which is a treat all on it's own! We also got this chocolate fondue with strawberries, pound cake, bananas, and three kinds of cookies and biscotti. It was really good, even for the non-chocolate lunatics like myself. The best part of the evening? Being in bed by 9:30. Is that what happens at 25? If so, I'm co…