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Girl Post : Hair Products for Fine Hair and a Cry for Help

Generally speaking, I am pretty happy with my appearance. I've never been one who spends hours primping, and by primping I mean anything more than a shower, blow drying my hair and putting on more than one coat of mascara. The truth is, I'm terrible at being a girl. I just recently started getting my nails done regularly and that's really only because I meet with clients on a regular basis and I don't want them thinking I'm a bum. I have little desire to shop, and when I do I buy t-shirts. I love watching baseball on TV, which no one in America likes to do. I'm THAT girl.

One thing that I've always had a complex about is my hair. I have really fine, straight as board hair. I chopped my hair off last fall, not because I wanted to but I realized that if I wanted to achieve even the smallest amount of volume, the length had to go. wompwomp.

I've spent quite a bit of money on those expensive shampoos only to find they leave my hair feeling heavy and lifeless. The cheap shampoos give me the same results, so I can't justify spending $20+ on one bottle of shampoo for the same result as the $4 bottle.

After I decided shaving my head was a tad drastic, I did some research. I found this article Good Housekeeping did about the best hair products for fine hair. They tested 12 products on fine hair and ultimately found that Pantene Full & Thick had the highest scores across the board. Color me shocked! It tested better than Nexxus and Paul Mitchell, both of which I had bought before with little to no success.

I immediately went out to buy it and let me tell you, I have noticed a huge difference in the fullness of my hair. My hair has substantially more body that I've had ever. I'm really happy with the outcome. And for 4 bucks! Can't beat that! I also have been experimenting with other volumizing products. My stylist recommended Bed Head Totally Baked. I can only use a nickle size amount or else I have to rewash my hair. It's PERFECT for teasing the crown, without the stiffness of hairspray, but try not to sleep in it. It's makes your hair a rats nest. I also had been looking for a root lifting spray for awhile, but they usually are too heavy and I end up with the complete opposite results I was hoping for. I found Suave Volumizing Root Boot Spray. It's a really fine mist, so it's not very heavy. (Side note: I'm super impressed by how much Suave has stepped up their game. If you haven't given their products a shot this century, it's worth it for how inexpensive they are.) I'm really happy with these products and have gotten at least close to result that I'm looking for. I would definitely recommend these to all my fine-haired friends.

On a not so positive note, I had been looking for a Sea Salt Spray for awhile now. I'm super jealous of my friends who can achieve those sexy, beachy waves. I bought FX Sea Salt Spray from Ulta for like $6 and thought it wouldn't hurt to try. I'd been a little nervous about trying it, because honestly I had no idea what it would do to my ridiculously straight hair. I used it for the first time this morning on half way-air dried hair and I'm not impressed. I have this one (yes singular) wave on one side of my head, and something similar to a rats nest on the other. What the heck?! How do you do this wrong?!?! It did however make my hair feel much thicker, which is nice, but I'm not sure that's worth the hotmess that's happening right now. Thank goodness for the black elastic band that is always within arms reach.. Please tell me what I did wrong friends?!?! There has to be a way to make this work, but I don't have the type of hair that I can scrunch and it curls. Any ideas/thoughts/tips would be amazing.
This is face of disappointment. Please help.


  1. OMG, I need to try this Pantene stuff. I have the SAME problem and I NEED a solution!! Thanks love!


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