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Monday Morning Inspiration on Tuesday

I was sick yesterday so forgive my tardiness.

With countless hurtful stories circling the news right now and people being hateful on any platform they can find (i.e. Facebook, blogs, Instagram, TV shows, etc.), it seems we could all use a reminder. Be kind.

What I Ate Wednesday - Weight Watchers Stuffed Peppers

This title is technically misleading but nonetheless, you'll get the idea.

Recently, I've been having some medical issues. My hormones are all out of whack and my weight is fluctuating as much as 10 pounds a week. It's truly just awesome. Some days my clothes fit, other days I can't find anything that will button. Good news is that I think we've found out how to get them under control and I hope to be wearing my favorite jeans without Spanx (or really anything without Spanx) soon. Fingers crossed!

Either way, I'm trying to watch what I eat ESPECIALLY since I just bought a cute little bikini for summer time! Time to get it together folks!

Today, I wanted to share the recipe I will be making for dinner tonight for me and Coach. I truly love Weight Watchers. My old boss introduced me to Weight Watchers about a year ago, saying that once you get in the hang of buying and cooking, it's incredibly easy and will stick with you. She was so right. Enjoy!

Stuffed Pep…

Coach Turns 28!!!!

Coach turned 28 on Sunday and I had planned a small surprise gathering to celebrate! We had old friends, new friends and family show up to celebrate! Actually, I got a bit frustrated when Coach decided he wanted to ruin the surprise and guess where we were going and who would be there. He ALWAYS somehow figures out his gifts. Either way though, it was a blast. We went to Splitsville in Fairview for some bowling and fun. My sweet friend Heather, another coach's wife, helped set everything up for me while I got him there. My brother and Coach's brother showed up from out of town too!! All in all, I think it was a success!

Happy birthday lovebug. I will always try to surprise you for your birthday, whether you try to ruin the surprise or not ;). I love you immensely Coach. Xo

Monday Morning Inspiration

Throw Back Thursday - Blog Style

So, I have this friend. Her name is Ashley and I miss her everyday. Literally. She's one of those friends who, regardless of how long it's been since we've spoken, we pick up right where we left off. We've been friends since high school, and we definitely haven't kept in touch like we should. We've fought like sisters, we've gotten in a lot of trouble together, and have had some of the best times of my life beside her. So in honor of #tbt, I got a group of pictures from high school, along with one from our most recent shenanigans. I miss you sweet friend!

March of Dimes and a Birchbox Auction!!

Unless you live under a rock, or you're a dude, you've likely heard of Birchbox. Sara, a sweet friend of ours over at Dear Emerson, is participating in March of Dimes, March for Babies in Houston later this month! She has partnered with Chasity of Haute Mommy who has generously offered to auction off a 3 month Birchbox subscription, with the proceeds going to their team "Emerson & Friends". If you're interested in submitting a bid on this awesome product and helping an amazing foundation, go check out Sara's blog for more details!