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Glass Half Full

I read a post today about some of the terrible marriage advise a couple got before their wedding day. It was pretty entertaining because a lot of the things they disagreed about, I posted here a while ago. Included in that terrible advise is wait to marry until you are financially stable. I will never forget when my dad was talking to Coach and said "if you're waiting to be financially stable to get married, have children or whatever, you'll be waiting forever". True that.

The other day, Coach and I were talking about when we think would be a good time to revisit the whole house situation. If you forgot, we had a terrible, heartbreaking experience earlier this year and I was crushed. I find myself still loving the house that slipped through our fingers but frequently I find myself grateful that it didn't work. There's so many other things happening in our lives right now that I know God didn't think being a homeowner would do us any favors.

But that con…

Monday Morning Inspiration - Harry Potter Edition

Monday Morning Inspiration

We Must Get Better

By now, I'm sure you've heard about the Houston blogger who wanted to know if people thought Kelsey Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleading squad was "too chunky" to be a cheerleader. (If you haven't, this is a link to the cached version, the original has since been removed.) This truly has been eating away at me for a number of reasons. First of all, this girl is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous and there is absolutely nothing "chunky" about her. I am disgusted that any reporter, columnist or blogger would find it necessary to write about her size AND THEN include a poll, asking readers if she is in fact "too chunky" to be a cheerleader. Lastly, I was heartbroken to hear this post was written by a woman. When did women get so catty that they feel berating other women like this is acceptable?

Like I said in my post last week, I'm having some issues with my weight. However, I would say I'm pretty confident in how I look despite…

What I Ate Wednesday - Weight Watchers Bella Braised Chicken - 4(?) PP

Braising may be my favorite cooking method. Probably because you generally only have to use one pot. I recently introduced my best friend, Con, to the wonderful world of braising and as we were emailing yesterday, she sent me this ridiculous looking recipe for Beer Braised Chicken with Onions. Holy cow it looked incredible, but I think the carb content may be a little high for me and Coach right now. Either way, it's worth a look here! This is the recipe I will be making tonight for supper. Like I said, I love braised meats and I think this will hit the spot beautifully. I found it on Weight Watchers, but it doesn't seem to be an actual Weight Watchers recipe. Oh well, it sounds great and is pretty low points (WW gave it 4 PP, seems a little low but I can run with it) and high protein. Can't go wrong there. Enjoy! Bella Braised Chicken

1 T. unsalted stick margarine
2 onions, chopped
2 celery stalks, diced
1 carrot, diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
3 T. flour
1/4 t. freshly ground bl…