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Glass Half Full

I read a post today about some of the terrible marriage advise a couple got before their wedding day. It was pretty entertaining because a lot of the things they disagreed about, I posted here a while ago. Included in that terrible advise is wait to marry until you are financially stable. I will never forget when my dad was talking to Coach and said "if you're waiting to be financially stable to get married, have children or whatever, you'll be waiting forever". True that.

The other day, Coach and I were talking about when we think would be a good time to revisit the whole house situation. If you forgot, we had a terrible, heartbreaking experience earlier this year and I was crushed. I find myself still loving the house that slipped through our fingers but frequently I find myself grateful that it didn't work. There's so many other things happening in our lives right now that I know God didn't think being a homeowner would do us any favors.

But that conversation and this article got me thinking. When will we be fully prepared financially for whatever is thrown our way (whether that be a house, a new car, or babies)? When will it be easy? Honestly, as cheesy as this sounds, I am so thankful that Coach and I have struggled the way we have. I mean, we're not living off of rice and beans or anything and we have enough money laying around to have some fun every now and then, but sometimes it's not easy. And even more frequently, it's frustrating. We are saving a TON of money; money that we really don't have access to until we decide to revisit the house situation, have a major emergency or we retire. We are also on a pretty strict budget, where just about every penny is accounted for and sometimes it's downright hard. It's hard to see that substantial amount sitting in an account and us struggling at times. It's hard when we can't go out to grab a drink with friends, or have a fancy night out on the town. And I know is, when the time comes that we are comfortable revisiting the house issue we will be better prepared, both financially and mentally (and emotionally) to handle whatever happens. It's just difficult now. The great thing about all this is that I've become quite the cook just by using whatever the heck I find in the freezer that day. BAM! There's the silver lining.

The article also said they were told the first year of marriage is the hardest. False. Granted, we've only been married for 2 years so we don't have much to base it on, but this year has been tough. And by tough, I mean downright awful at times. Having said that, I've learned so much about myself, about Coach, and our relationship. I've learned that we can come out from heartbreak/disappointment holding hands. I've learned that I truly have a partner in life, who when things aren't going according to "plan", grabs my face, kisses me and tells me it's going to all work out. Not that I didn't have confidence in that before, but I truly think that it sometimes takes crappy situations to really see how blessed you are. I can also say, I've truly enjoyed this year for that exact reason. Our first year was easy, well about as easy as adjusting to being married can be. In this second year, we've struggled but have come out stronger than ever. And what's not to love about that? I think this year definitely goes in the win column.

We have a ton of friends who are going through similar phases. We have friends who are purchasing homes. Friends trying to purchase homes and having difficulty finding "the one". Friends getting married. Family getting married. We even have friends, bless them Lord, who are getting married, trying to purchase a home AND launching a business. Holy mackerel. So we are definitely in good company but I cannot express how exciting it is for me to see some of the people we care for most really going after their dreams. It really makes me proud to be surrounded by some seriously ambitious people.

Year three is going to be even better. We are going on an ridiculous Mexican vacation in July with my family the week after our anniversary, I'm looking in Master's programs to start this fall, Coach is excited for football to start in August (after he gets in his month of relaxation of course) and I'm sure much more. Things are looking pretty good from here.


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