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Your Dreams Are Our Dreams

It's been awhile. My b.

Being married to a coach is tough. There's not much family time and like I've said before, we are so incredibly blessed to be in a program where our head coach believes Sunday's are family days. We have coach friends who's families aren't quite as lucky.

When we got married, I promised Coach, and myself, that I would be as supportive as I possibly could of Coach's job, goals and dreams. I try to be at every game I can. I think a lot of the parents, fans and wives would agree, I'm more than present. I'm pretty loud.. I couldn't help that if I tried. I love football.

Obviously, one of Coach's biggest career goals is a state championship. In turn, this is one of my biggest life-goals too. When you watch you husband invest so much time, heart, passion and tears into his career, it's impossible to not make that one of your dreams too.

I think one thing non-coaching families don't understand is that this is more tha…